Watch “How to Find your Peace: Bobby Quitain” on YouTube

By: Bobby Quitain

Give a young man a choice between wealth in the bank and peace in the heart, and most likely, he will almost instinctively choose the former.

On the other hand, give an older man a choice between the two, and I believe, more often than not, he would choose the latter.

You see, experience can teach us what really matters in life.

Don’t get me wrong. Wealth isn’t bad but never think for a moment that it will bring you lasting joy.

Peace, on the other hand, is priceless.

Money can’t buy peace. Success can’t achieve peace. Fame can’t create peace.

Peace isn’t for sale.

It is a gift one receives when one is in a right relationship with God and with others. It is that sense of security knowing that if you die today, your soul is earth-detached and heaven-bound.

At night, I often find myself unable to sleep unless I first do my rounds in the house to make sure that all the doors have been locked. It is only then when I am sure that everything including my family is secured that I can peacefully go to sleep.

True security brings peace.

When you are secured of your soul and the souls of your loved ones, you live your life in peace now and leave your life in peace when the time comes. It is that sense of fulfillment that you’ve done all that you could’ve done and that there is nothing left for you to do.

Today, I invite you to make things right with others and with God.

Ask for forgiveness.
Let go of your grudges.
Turn away from sin.
Learn to forebear and choose your battles.
Prioritize your relationships.
Invest in people more than things.

The world with all its empty promises can never give you peace, my friend. Peace can only come from Jesus. Peace can only be found in Jesus.

“For he is our peace” (Ephesians 2:14)

God bless your day, my friend!


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