Move Forward

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Another year will come, another gift of life Forget about the past and move forward New challenges, new heartbreaks, new time They are about to come be ready

People hurt you, you learned to forgive They loved you, learn how to appreciate You failed, learn how to accept It is not working anymore, learn how to let go

It is a chance to create new beginning A new life to nurture, a whole more lesson No more pretending, love yourself Move forward!

Light Amidst Darkness

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My life is a mess, everything was blurred. I thought my wound is deep enough, I met someone whose scar is the deepest but found time to smile, with shining eyes

He learned something that others cannot, I suddenly remembered the lesson yesterday My arrogance went away, my pride disappeared, learnt something new

Looking back as pandemic continues A new darkness came but one thing is for sure, I know that this darkness is telling us something, a knowledge that has forgotten, a knowledge that has been reemerged

You have reached the time you always chase, today you have only realized what is truly important, no more whining there is light amidst darkness

Late Realizations

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I used to lived in a cold place but it felt warm, there is this lady who always gives us food whenever we stay late for studying. Sometimes it is cold, because we cannot fathom her tantrums or his angry attitude towards us.

Sometimes I am scared, sometimes I adore her. But what is really heartbreaking is we never get the chance to tell her how much we appreciate her. Those rebellious moment was the only thing that she can remember , we thought so

Wherever you are, I just wanna thank you for taking care us during our hard times and late night study. I know you have a good heart it just happen that we did not know the pain you are going through…

Hidden Memories

#Photography #Poetry #Hidden #Memories #Past #Pain

Dark past you keep on forgetting Even for yourself you can’t be forgiving The stains in your heart you cannot undo You moved on but scars you forever

You keep it hidden, wanted to be forgiven You opened yourself, but there is missing You destroyed yourself, wanted to start again, you changed, you melted

A life with new beginning even with blood on your hands, it is never too late, calm yourself, yesterday is past, today is present, tomorrow is another day

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Zecheraiah’s Victory

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December 23 – Zechariah’s Victory episode of Catholic Daily Reflections

Immediately his mouth was opened, his tongue freed, and he spoke blessing God.  Luke 1:64

This line reveals the happy conclusion to Zechariah’s initial failure to believe in what God revealed to him. Recall that nine months earlier, as Zechariah was fulfilling his priestly duty of offering sacrifice within the Holy of Holies in the Temple, he received a visit from the glorious Archangel Gabriel, who stands before God. Gabriel revealed to Zechariah the good news that his wife would conceive in her old age and that this child would be the one to prepare the people of Israel for the coming Messiah. What an incredible privilege that would have been! But Zechariah disbelieved. And as a result, the Archangel struck him mute for the nine months of his wife’s pregnancy.

The punishments of the Lord are always gifts of His grace. Zechariah was not punished out of spite, or for punitive reasons. Instead, this punishment was more like a penance. He was given the humbling penance of losing his ability to speak for nine months for a good reason. It appears as if God knew that Zechariah needed nine months to silently reflect upon what the Archangel had said. He needed nine months to ponder his wife’s miraculous pregnancy. And he needed nine months to ponder who this child would be. And those nine months produced the desired effect of a full conversion of heart.

After the child was born, it was expected that this firstborn son would be named after the father, Zechariah. But the Archangel had told Zechariah that the child was to be named John. Therefore, on the eighth day, the day of his son’s circumcision when he was presented to the Lord, Zechariah wrote on a tablet that the baby’s name was John. This was an act of faith and a sign that he had fully turned from disbelief to belief. And it was this act of faith that undid his prior doubt.

Every one of our lives will be marked by failures to believe on the deepest level of faith. For that reason, Zechariah is a model for us of how we are to deal with our failures. We deal with them by allowing the consequences of past failures to change us for the good. We learn from our mistakes and move forward with new resolutions. This is what Zechariah did, and this is what we must do if we wish to learn from his good example.

Reflect, today, upon any sin you have committed that has had painful consequences in your life. As you ponder that sin, the real question is where you go from here. Do you allow that past sin, or lack of faith, to dominate and control your life? Or do you use your past failures to make new resolutions and decisions for the future so as to learn from your mistakes? It takes courage, humility and strength to imitate the example of Zechariah. Seek to bring these virtues into your life this day.

Lord, I know I lack faith in my life.  I fail to believe all that You speak to me.  As a result, I often fail to put Your words into action.  Dear Lord, when I suffer as a result of my weakness, help me to know that this and all suffering can result in giving glory to You if I renew my faith.  Help me, like Zechariah, to return to You always, and use me as an instrument of Your manifest glory.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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