Lights up my darkness


In amidst of pandemic He Lights my darkness.

He shows the way for me to be the best version of myself.

When there is no hope,He is there to assist you.

He will lead you to Light.

Our Purpose

#Purpose #Photography #Poetry

All of us have similarity in difference, Similar that all of has purpose, But ends up on different paths of life Either you obey or dismantle your fate

I always wonder what has been mine, I’ve always been excited to choose my path But sometimes things happen not the way we wanted

I love my life whatever happens, I am always guided, even if I get lost , I will be there I just have to endure and trust the process

Choice of Feelings

#Photography #Poetry #Reflections #Choice

Happiness and sadness, black and white There are two sides of a coin, Always the opposite, as well as your feelings You tend to forgot when you are happy, then you suddenly remember when you are sad

You forgot to say thank you, But suddenly remember to apologize. You only visit when you need it, taking it for granted because you know it will always be there

No matter what feelings you have, you must always remember and never forget the one things that keeps you going. Pray when you need, pray when you appreciate

Harden not your Heart

#Photography #Poetry #Heart #Forgiven #Openness #Humility #Love

Opening your heart doesn’t mean your weak It takes a thousand steps to learn, Learn how to ask for help, for there are treasure in the world you can’t get alone

Harden not your heart, you must forgive Someone killed your heart, learn to let go For he does not bother but only you are For this freedom becomes expensive.

You can’t be happy by looking blaming others, yourself is always important. You will find that rainbow but open the gate Your life will change, a chance to grow

Parent’s Fear

#Alone #Photography #Poetry

Laughter starts to fade, the deafening silence I used to eat a lot with a room full of noise Time flies so fast, i started to notice Little by little all of them are gone now

I am eating alone, with little appetite To let go is one of the things I can For freedom is love itself, I can bear With the idea of their happiness, I can exchange for my loneliness

Go my child! Live well and stay healthy For your happiness is my happiness I feared that this day may come, but for this I can rest in peace

Place to Go

#Photography #Poetry #Bike #Journey #Home

I always want to wander, I don’t mind getting lost as long as I see the wonders. No map, no plans, just moving forward Who knows what I will find.

But there is a place I always want to go back to, a place that I cannot replace, filled with warm heart, big treasure and comfort. As i start to pedal, that I all ever think when will I come back?

I need to let go to discover more of the truth, reveal to the universe I saw, paint your memories full of beauty. Come let us go and together we will find a place to go