Shadow of Past


What should I do?What should I embrace?Would I rather keep it?hate it or love it?

It consumes me and I don’t know what to do,I love to move on but the rope is tie between me and the past.

I don’t know if they are enemy or just passerby to greet me. They judge me according to who I am in the past.

Are these people really that judgemental?or are just afraid to engulf by their past?

Many offered their help,taught me solutions,direct me to solve it but are they really care about me?

In the end,in the four corners of the room,their is my shadow looking at me, asking should you trust?

Finding Yourself

#Photography #Poetry #Self

There are so many truth in the world, Something I cannot deny, but can change My biggest enemy is not other people, But myself who always seek my weaknesses

The moment you criticized your weakness, Insecurities, doubts emerged, I seek attention,but only needs affirmation Nothing is enough, efforts are never enough

I seek to destroy myself, only to find myself Brimming with hope, wanting to live These foolishness became my strength, suddenly I want to change, along the way I found myself