Be Still and patient


New day,New Hope

What will what lies ahead?how can I do it again?what will I do? Worrying will consume you until you do nothing.

Praying is the key to know what you will do. Listening to yourself,from Him and discern it and choose what His plans for us.

In this world,we don’t have control in some of the things going around,it exist even without us,world can move on without us.

What we can do is to hope cherish every single moment we have. Imagine you have all the resource.

Eyes to Learn everything. Ears to hear everything. Skin to feel the things around us. Nose to recognize the aroma around us and tongue to taste the food.

What I am trying to say is that within us is the ultimate machine that can invent,innovate,imagine things beyond us.

In every new day there is new hope to look forward.

Finding Yourself

#Photography #Poetry #Self There are so many truth in the world, Something I cannot deny, but can change My biggest enemy is not other people, But myself who always seek my weaknesses The moment you criticized your weakness, Insecurities, doubts emerged, I seek attention,but only needs affirmation Nothing is enough, efforts are never enough I […]

Finding Yourself