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Book of Life

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My life was spent here in my room, Filled with books that gave me life. Without these I would be nothing, as they say, “Knowledge is Power”

Wonders you seek, you can discover in here Paper and pen the life of writers, You can seek justice by just enjoying this. Life is spiced with books that you read

Right now it seems useless, child of today focuses on the new found version of books. Tablets, and phones the book of generation For me i still love the scent of the book with full of papers included with knowledge.

A Heart of Compassion

When Jesus saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things. Mark 6:34

What is compassion? It’s an attribute by which someone sees the suffering of another and experiences true empathy for them. This empathy, in turn, leads the person to reach out and share in the person’s suffering, helping them to endure whatever they are going through. This is what Jesus experienced within His own Sacred Heart as He looked out upon this vast crowd.

The Scripture above introduces the familiar miracle of the feeding of the five thousand with only five loaves of bread and two fish. And though the miracle itself offers much to ponder, this introductory line also gives us much to ponder regarding our Lord’s motivation for performing this miracle.

When Jesus looked out at the large crowd, He saw a group of people who seemed lost, were searching and were spiritually hungry. They desired some direction in their lives, and, for that reason, they were coming to Jesus. But what’s very helpful to reflect upon is Jesus’ Heart. He was not annoyed by their insistence, He was not burdened by them; rather He was deeply moved by their spiritual poverty and hunger. This moved His Heart to “pity,” which is a form of sincere compassion. For that reason, He taught them “many things.”

Interestingly, the miracle was simply an extra blessing but was not the primary action Jesus took on account of His compassionate Heart. First and foremost, His compassion led Him to teach them.

Jesus looks at each one of us with the same compassion. Whenever you find yourself confused, lacking direction in life and spiritually hungry, Jesus gazes at you with the same gaze He offered this vast crowd. And His remedy for your needs is to teach you, also. He wants you to learn from Him by studying the Scripture, by daily prayer and meditation, by reading the lives of the saints and learning the many glorious teachings of our Church. This is the food that every wandering heart needs for spiritual satisfaction.

Reflect, today, upon the most compassionate Heart of our Divine Lord. Allow yourself to see Him gazing at you with the utmost love. Know that His gaze is one that drives Him to speak to you, to teach you and to lead you to Himself. Trust this most compassionate Heart of our Lord and allow Him to reach out to you in love.

Lord, help me to see You as You gaze at me with the most heartfelt love and compassion. I know You know my every struggle and my every need. Help me to open myself up to You and Your mercy so that You become my true Shepherd. Jesus, I trust in You.

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New day,New Hope

What will what lies ahead?how can I do it again?what will I do? Worrying will consume you until you do nothing.

Praying is the key to know what you will do. Listening to yourself,from Him and discern it and choose what His plans for us.

In this world,we don’t have control in some of the things going around,it exist even without us,world can move on without us.

What we can do is to hope cherish every single moment we have. Imagine you have all the resource.

Eyes to Learn everything. Ears to hear everything. Skin to feel the things around us. Nose to recognize the aroma around us and tongue to taste the food.

What I am trying to say is that within us is the ultimate machine that can invent,innovate,imagine things beyond us.

In every new day there is new hope to look forward.

Finding Yourself

#Photography #Poetry #Self There are so many truth in the world, Something I cannot deny, but can change My biggest enemy is not other people, But myself who always seek my weaknesses The moment you criticized your weakness, Insecurities, doubts emerged, I seek attention,but only needs affirmation Nothing is enough, efforts are never enough I […]

Finding Yourself

Shadow of Past


What should I do?What should I embrace?Would I rather keep it?hate it or love it?

It consumes me and I don’t know what to do,I love to move on but the rope is tie between me and the past.

I don’t know if they are enemy or just passerby to greet me. They judge me according to who I am in the past.

Are these people really that judgemental?or are just afraid to engulf by their past?

Many offered their help,taught me solutions,direct me to solve it but are they really care about me?

In the end,in the four corners of the room,their is my shadow looking at me, asking should you trust?