Time is Ruthless

#Past #Photography #Poetry #Experiences

Time is ruthless, it does not wait We grow old we did not notice, Time is ruthless, we cannot recover What is done is done.

We regret the things we do, wrong choices Time is ruthless, there is no turning back. If we only knew, is there any difference? Would you choose the same?

Comfort Food

#Photography #Poetry #Love #Food #Comfort

Whenever you feel bad you eat, Whenever you are happy you eat. Everything about food is not necessity alone but the feelings and memories established.

It can be your motivation to live, dreaming of tasting everything. Whenever you cry an icing of cake can make a difference softening your broken heart

I know that food is not only for its sake, but a thing that can establish emotions Sadness become satisfaction, Hungriness can make you crazy.

The Greatest Battle

#Thyself #Perspective #Photography #Poetrt

Doubts appear, insecurities emerged They say that your greatest enemy, Is not coming from others, but yourself. The devil inside that keeps eating you

Knowing others fault is easy , the logic of judging endlessly. How does one face itself knowing thy own. How can I change my perspective?

Unrequited Love

#Photography #Poetry #Love

I keep seeing him everyday, I wonder if he knows my existence. I watched him pass by without taking a look Something hurts inside my chest.

Striking conversations is awkward, praying that some fate could meddle. One pursues happiness but where is mine? Easy to pronounce hard to spell

Subjected Fate

#Photography #Poetry #Fate

How often we believe that everything is coincidence, thinking what we wanted. Some have their goal in mind to follow faking incidence, taking opportunity

Some knows where you are, the other do not know, this somehow led to fate accordingly A beautiful that the other believed, The other persistently observed, watching you from afar.

But these lie’s foundation lies on the truth that somehow the other wanted to get closer faking incidence showing its sincerity. Fate or not it depends what comes after and feelings have shown

Helping Hands

#Photography #Poetry #Travel

You don’t know how many lives you can change, just by lending your small hand. A smile that can never be erased, a life that can grow beyond what you imagine.

A melancholic life can be ended, someone can find their home, someone can lead. Someone found their paradise, you should find yours.

Find the goodness in life, learn to help. This can somehow change your live, the one who will give will be at ease, the one who received found hope.

Order of the World

Is it bad to go beyond normal? Is it similar to destroying what it is old or is creating beyond what is I think being creative is not bad.

Thinking outside the box is what they desire But preserving is more precious they say Now I am confused, it only depends on the context, it seems that everything is changing anyway

It is now depends on the beholder what future lies ahead. Do not regret just go ahead nothing holds the correct answers

Seeking Healing

#Photography #Poetry #Heal #wounds

I’d never walk to my past again, All i want to do is to heal the pain. I am afraid I would do something again, It can be something, listen

I prayed that someone would heal me I begged until the heaven can hear me I woke up feeling nothing,someone heard Back to square one, ready to go

Do not be afraid, all sad memories gone by All you need to do is look up and smile Do not wait, rather go Believe and you will be alright

Where do Broken Hearts Go

#Photography #Poetry #Broken #Healing

Sometimes there are places you want to go When loneliness strikes, you want answers. Escape from reality, solitude that wanders All you need is a break, empty your mind

The sight of waves can calm your mind the time will mend, what is broken dead paradise in your heart becomes alive

Where do broken hearts go? Everywhere, anywhere away from the crowd, nobody needs them all you need is yourself

Temporary Happiness

#Photography #Poetry #Happiness #Shortmoment

I wanted to smile even just for a while I wanted to run even just for a day Pretend to be in love, be a millionaire Everything seems real but still a fantasy

Nothing is constant, only changes Come with me, let us go in wonderland No time to think, no time to spare Just you and me enjoying the vibes